Triangle Cup 2023

Last Sunday we held our 2023 Triangle Cup. It was was incredibly exciting.

For the first time ever there was a tie between the Ladies and the Seniors. The Men were out of the frame with 63 skins but the Ladies and the Seniors had 74 skins each. A tie! A situation we have never had before.

After a very short discussion it was decided that the Ladies Captain, Clare Parkinson, and the Seniors Captain, Phil Selley, would play another hole as a decider. The playoff was on the 18th hole so all the team members could watch the two brave players coming up to the green.

Unbelievably the hole was halved. Clare and Phil went down again and this time played the shorter 9th hole as their roast lunches were awaiting them. A nail-biting finish saw Clare triumphant for the Ladies. Well done to both Phil and Clare for being such good sports. A great event, thoroughly enjoyed by all who played, with a fun and exciting finish to the day.

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