Sit back, relax & enjoy our small plates

Enjoy a to be a beautiful evening on our 180 terrace, a few small plates and a bottle of wine. Make a reservation, or pop in and grab a table.

Our restaurant is brunch, that turns into lunch, small plates, that on weekends turns into evening dining, because, when the service is this friendly, the atmosphere this easy, the music this carefully pitched and the seats this comfortable, you can’t help but settle in. 

Enjoy the last few weeks of longer evenings with a bite to eat on our stunning terrace. Soon the darker evenings will be drawing-in where you can enjoy our cosy log fire, a beverage or two and some great food. 

Breakfast 8-12 (Mon-Sun)
Lunch 12-3 (Mon-Sat)

Small Plates 5-8 (Wed/Thur) 
Casual Dining 6-9 (Fri/Sat)
Sunday Roast 1-6 (Sun)

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