Meet our Lady Captain

My name is Clare Parkinson and I’m currently Lady Captain of Cuckfield Golf Centre!

One morning in 2018 my husband John was out cycling and stopped off at Cuckfield Golf to see if he could get a coffee, it was a Wednesday and the clubhouse was full of ladies… he came home and said he’d found an all-female golf club and I should go up there and join in! I’d reduced my work to 3 days a week and was looking for a new hobby, so I ventured up there, I was introduced to the Lady Captain, Annie and the Pro, David, I went home with a pack of lessons and a booking for the following weeks clinic… as they say the rest is history!

I joined a couple of months later and the good news for John is it wasn’t just for ladies! We started with a new to golf membership and then became joint members. The ladies section was so welcoming and helpful with lots to join in, I started with the clinics, then the fun days then the Stableford and then Medal. My golf so far has been an amazing journey and I still feel like I’m just starting, always something to work on.

My favourite hole at Cuckfield is No.3, playing up and around the corner, one day I’d like to try over the trees but I’m a pretty long way off that!

I love the inclusivity of Cuckfield, in particular the ladies section, there are a lot of mixed golf opportunities with the weekend competitions and mixed roll-ups and that is great fun too. There is a good social vibe with the monthly quiz, the burger and music nights and other themed events. It’s more than just the golf.

When I’m not golfing you can find me in the garden, out walking, at the allotment (unless it’s winter and I’ll likely be on the slopes) or engrossed in a good book.

Being Lady Captain has been a real privilege and I have tried to continue the team spirit and inclusivity of all our lady members so that whatever golf journey they are on it is enjoyable and fulfilling.

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