Autumn Golf

By David Edwards (PGA Professional)

What a lovely Autumn we are having.

I trust that you are managing to sneak in a few rounds before mother nature gets serious on us. I have started to make my seasonal swing changes on the range, whereby I try to focus on what I can do as opposed to what I cannot, negative thoughts and golf, not generally a great mix.
My first thought is to concentrate on making a good strong ten o’clock to two o’clock swing movement or three quarter if you prefer.

I am generally a bit chilly and bundled up at this time of year and full swings tend to be frustrating and inconsistent. My shorter movement helps me to stay rhythmical and balanced.Just remember to club up (more powerful club) as the shorter motion will cost you  a yard or two. Hope this helps you as it does me. More tips to follow in future newsletter posts.

I couldn’t finish without a mention to one of my all time golfing heroes Bernhard Langer. He managed to shoot an incredible sixty two (one under his age!) en route to becoming the Charles Schwab senior tour champion 2021. What a legend!

Happy Golfing!

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