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Buying Clubs?

Anyone wanting to play golf or already playing golf should have definitely asked themselves a very important question: Do my clubs suit me?

Our PGA Professionals are trained in custom fitting and are to here and willing to help you and the club/clubs that perfectly at your size, ability, and of course budget.

We check all the key factors that can and do make a huge difference to the quality of your shots.

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Hand Style

Using the right size golf grips for your hands, swing or playing style is more important than many golfers imagine or realise. 

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Shaft Feel

When it comes to shaft fitting, players have a variety of options. Characteristics like weight, flex, and torque can affect how a shaft feels and how it performs.

Club Length

Getting the right club length allows the player to produce the maximum amount of speed without sacrificing control.

club lie affecting a swing
Club Lie

Lie angle is a factor that affects the accuracy of golf shots. Golfers who use clubs whose lie angles don’t fit their body types and/or golf swings are costing themselves strokes.

Grip Size

The correct grip size allows you to set the club properly at the top of the backswing. If the grip is too small, it may result in too much hand action and cause the club face to close prematurely, and result in a pull or a hook.

man practicing putt as he learn to play golf

The swing weight of a golf club specifies how heavy the club feels to a player swinging it. A club with more of its mass concentrated in the club head has a higher swing weight and requires more energy for the golfer to swing it at a specific speed. Golfers should use clubs with the correct swing weight to maximise their potential.

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Club Repairs

We offer a full club repair service here at the centre from re-gripping through to club shaft replacement, extending or shortening.

Our PGA qualified professionals are specialists in all aspects of fitting and repairs. We offer a large selection of the the latest grips including Lamkin, Golf Pride and many others, all available at competitive prices including fitting.

If you feel your clubs are in need of attention please pop into our golf shop and we shall take care of them for you.

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