Meet the Pro

Our coaching sessions are run by PGA professionals who can give you expert advice on improving your game.

Meet the pros

Our coaching lessons are delivered by PGA professional David Edwards, Roy Ellis and Ryan Fitzgerald. 

David Edwards

Head Pro | PGA Professional

David turned professional at Royal Eastbourne Golf Club in 1992, becoming a qualified instructor 3 years later. During his time as a professional golfer, David has developed a style and manner of coaching that has proven successful with all abilities, from novice to elite. It is evident that David is immensely passionate for golf, and very keen to transfer his invaluable wealth of experience and knowledge to others.

Ryan Fitzgerald

PGA Professional

Ryan turned Pro in 2010, having spent the last 10 years playing professional golf he has gathered a wealth of information that can help anyone improve their game.

Using TrackMan and video technology during lessons enables Ryan to leave no stone unturned. This gives the client a clear understanding of their golf game.

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